Strong amulets for good luck

Success is an unpredictable thing. Someone she indulges all my life, and so someone does not turn never. Or you can do something to attract her on your side? This question has troubled people for millennia. Different cultures have their own ways on how to become successful and to catch the tail of luck.

Magic wax

Popular amulets to attract good luck.

Magic wax.

The App is very simple. A burning candle must be put in a glass of water (color and size of the candle do not matter). While the fire burns, watch the fire and think about your goals, dreams and desires. The wax will absorb all your thoughts. After the candle burned, and the wax hardens, it is necessary to collect it, put it in a pouch or sewn inside stuffed toys. The amulet you need to keep to yourself, do not give in to the wrong hands.

Hand good luck.

This amulet came to us from the East. It looks like the open palm, decorated in the middle of the eye. Hand good luck and protects its owner Ada negative effects of handling, damage, evil eye and gives success, prosperity, financial independence.


The Seal Of Veles. Made in the form of bear claws. Wore it mostly men. In our time, it can contribute to career growth, career success and attract money.

Raciborz. Gives its owner the wisdom and success. It is believed that wearing this amulet receives the patronage of their ancestors, who will help in any endeavor.
Yarylo-sun. This charm will fit women. He will protect from harm not only her, but future children. The amulet will bring good luck in business and financial well-being.


First you need to learn the meaning of each rune. One rune may have some value, but if it is combined with another – the meaning may be quite different.
Tibetan amulet great fortuneMost often in amulets for good luck use the rune of Wunjo.

Tibetan amulet of great luck.

The man who wears this talisman will attract success, as whatever he touched. Phenomena are more likely to win the lottery or in a casino. The favorable circumstances of the phenomenon will be everywhere – you only need to seize the chance and use them.

Rabbit's foot Indians.

Now this app is used everywhere – in the West and in the East. Although initially the rabbit's foot worn around the neck the Indians. This amulet was a symbol of success and prosperity. It will only fit the left rear rabbit leg. Do not have to wear a foot on the neck can be simple to keep in the house. Businessmen can carry it in my jacket pocket.

Elephant stable success.

Statue of an elephant, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, it can change the life of its owner in the best way. It seems so, as this animal draws water with his trunk, and success will be attracted to the house in which there is the figure of an elephant.
Elephant – an animal that stands powerful on four legs. The life of the owner of the statues in the same way will gain a solid Foundation and continuous success.


The most popular amulet of the Japanese is called omamori. It is a pouch, which contains the messages of the gods. These amulets can be seen everywhere – put them in wallets,Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon hang in the car, office, home. It brings good luck, happiness, wealth.


Coins tied with a red thread. Perhaps the most common app to attract wealth and success. Helps not only to raise money but also to preserve and increase them.
The God Hotei. The statue of this God will fulfill the cherished desire, will attract good fortune.
Ducks-Mandarin. A symbol of success in your personal life, luck, great opportunities.
Fish-arawana. This symbol attracts luck, wealth, prosperity.

The virtuous circle.

Spiral usually draw on the Golden object. It symbolizes the continuous movement, which draws on the life of the owner good luck and inexhaustible cash flow. It helps people to develop leadership skills, to be more attractive to the opposite gender, rapid career growth, independence.

Amulet for luck and luck for the zodiac sign.

When choosing amulet for success, you must focus on your zodiac sign. The correct color and material from which the amulet is made, can enhance their magical properties.

The signs of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The amulets possessed by them should be bright – suitable red, yellow, orange. In form it is better to choose square or round charms.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Earth signs are very practical. A material for their amulets must be appropriate – clay, wood, copper. In color it is better to take all shades of brown and green.

Water signs (cancer, Pisces, Scorpio). Color representatives of the water element will fit the green, blue, silver charms, made of thin, delicate materials.

The signs of air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Their mascots are supposed to look simple and elegant. In color it is better to use shades of blue, blue, purple, beige.

Talismans that bring good fortune in their studies.

To attract success in school mascots are used by using different herbs.
Pouch of Valerian. Helps to become a more diligent, attentive, adjusts to school, will quickly restore power.
The roots of marigolds. Help to overcome difficult moments that arise in the learning process, relieve anxiety before speak in public.
Pouch W nettles and grass, a crybaby. Helps with exams. Relieves fear, deprives the hell of negative thoughts and moods.
Pouch with dried St. John's wort. Gives courage, helps to assimilate the new material.

When is the best time to engage in the creation of the amulet.

For maximum effect you need to create an amulet for good luck on a certain day and even hour:

  • this should be during the waxing moon,
  • the process should take place in complete silence
  • the hours of the day may not value
  • need to get my thoughts in order, banish from me all negativity, to create the amulet, believing in your luck,
  • you can't tell other people about his talisman, show it, give to touch,
  • possible always try to wear the amulet to yourself
  • amulets designed to bring luck, it is better to create on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Talismans that you can do yourself.

Pouch of success.

For the pouch you will need: red fabric – it is considered a symbol of prosperity, and thread. And the cloth and thread must be natural.

In the finished bag put items that symbolize success and wealth: coins, rabbit's foot, a goldfish, a ladybug, a horseshoe. You can put turquoise – it's also often used to attract good luck.

You can fill the pouch with herbs that also can help in the attainment of success: Pendants made of coinsorange peel, pomegranate peel, hazelnuts, acorns, four-leaf clover, cinnamon sticks, flowers, violets or Apple trees.

Bag you need to carry in bag or purse.

Pendant of coins.

To turn the coin into talisman, you need a night of the growing moon put it in a container of water so that the moonlight shone on her. Of coin to cast a spell: "Like water in the moonlight filled, and may life and success full."
The coin overnight in the water and in the morning you can turn it into a pendant and worn around the neck.

Nodules on happiness.

For the ceremony, you will need five white threads and one red (all the threads should be natural). Red thread tie up colorless five times to tie the knots, saying thus: "the First knot knit – trouble driving, the second is the protection of the mountain, the third tie – riches award, the fourth for luck, and the fifth seal".
Keep this amulet you need in a safe place, away hell outsiders.


A doll of the soft tissue can make any – it is a matter of fantasy owners. To give it stability at the base place a coin. The main point is not to draw the face in the amulet it shouldn't be.
The doll-amulet made with your own hands, will bring success – just need more often to carry it with you.

The lucky dollar.

Silver talisman

Banknote of 1 dollar must collapse in a triangle and in this form to carry in my purse. It will attract money and success.

Talisman with silver things.

This metal, like silver, has the ability to attract good luck and money. Any silver thing can be turned into a talisman that brings good luck – you only need to talk to him.
For the ceremony choose the night from Wednesday to Thursday, contain the selected object in the water, and pray that this time she was involved in a life of happiness.

Embroidery and knitting.

If the owner has the skills of sewing and knitting, to make an amulet is not difficult. Need to pick up a Slavic image that brings success, or the appropriate rune, and embroider or knit it into the fabric. The key is to use only natural materials. Threads it is advisable to take red.

Good luck charm with your favorite things.

The thing that is associated with the happy events of life, can be a wonderful amulet, attracting into the life of well-being. It should be a simple charge to succeed. To do this, holding the future of talisman in hand, say the conspiracy: "protect Me, the luck of the draw, helped me throughout".
Then zagovornye thing you can take with you in those moments when you need help.


Jasper. This natural stone has a powerful energy. He brings success in the life of the owner, helps you find common ground with others gives courage, helps to avoid unpleasant situations.
Sapphire. Attracts money and success. To enhance the effect should wear stone framed with white gold or silver.
Cat's-eye. Besides attracting prosperity, will save a hell of a jinx. Stone suited to wealthy people who are often jealous.
Ruby. Helps to achieve success in the most difficult cases. Especially suitable for fire element signs: Leos, Aries, Sagittarius.


Herbs that bring good luck and is able to secure from trouble, are in a specially sewn pouch, in dried form. The pouch should be made of natural matter. Fill it with chamomile, aloe, Bay leaf, jade.

Acorn or walnut.

And acorn and nuts in many countries serve as symbols of prosperity. Usually they take with them to various business meetings and negotiations – they give their native eloquence, the gift of persuasion, the ability successfully to do business. Students can take the nuts for the exam.

The tooth of a crocodile.

The one who carries the tooth of a crocodile, the success will smile throughout. It will also suit the politicians.


In the art of Feng Shui bamboo is a symbol of happiness. It's growing really fast – and the one who will have it with you as a talisman, as fast can do car ARP and achieve success in life.

The scarab beetle.

The image of the scarab was worn in ancient Egypt. He was considered a symbol of wealth. Today, this amulet brings good luck, helps to preserve existing wealth.

Golden garlic.

It's the Chinese symbol. He fulfills the desires and promises its owner a regular, constant cash flows.


Sunflower will help those who are building car ARP. It will give energy, improve creative potential, to help those who want to gain popularity and recognition.

Charms for amulets talismans.

Speak amulet you can yourself using the video instructions, which are on the Internet. And can be attributed of a specialist in magical ritual. Allowed and a very simple option: ask the guardian about the success of your own words.

Charged and activated.

To activate the amulet you home. They will need the help of the four elements – you need to take a handful of soil, pour into a container of water, open the window to let air in, and light a candle. In the skin element of amulet is briefly contained in the request for assistance. Over a candle flame it is quite simple to hold.
After this manipulation, the amulet is ready and use at full strength.