Money Amulet Amulet

How to apply money amulet Money Amulet

How to apply Money Amulet

Magical talismans Money Amulet have great power, so they must be used very carefully and carefully to treat them. Keep the amulets is recommended in your wallet, because that is where people keep their money everyday. But in recent years increasingly found amulets, which are used as a pendant on the neck. In this case, it is desirable that the amulet was as close as possible to the body of the owner (it is recommended to wear it on a fabric or leather laces, and better under clothing). If the talisman begin to blacken, it must be clean and speak again to bring good luck and wealth.

The plot of the amulet Money Amulet

Usually people prefer to order already charmed cash coins Money Amulet. Magic, which is associated with material goods, is one of the most ancient, so most of the top conspiracy known only to the indigenous Magi, and magicians. But some monks and priests do not hesitate to share knowledge and skills, whereby after the purchase money amulets can give them even more power.

There are several important rules how to talk magic talismans:

  • conspiracies it is advisable to do during the day, under Thursday (especially during the full moon);
  • when conducting magical rituals it is advisable to light candles;
  • your thoughts should be directed to achieving the desired goals;
  • you should think about the forces and influences that you want to empower the amulet;
  • the mascot should be put on the cloth of a scarlet color;
  • after the conspiracy, it is desirable to present the amulet to the window, it was illuminated by the light of the full moon;
  • charmed coins to be wrapped cloth and put it under your pillow so that her power operated on you when you sleep;
  • in the morning after waking up the amulet should be put into the purse;
  • it is advisable not to show anyone the magical talisman and not to show other people that you have a money amulet, because someone else's envy can wrap the power of the amulet against you.

Only if you follow all of these recommendations, you will be able to empower the talisman Money Amulet force, which will bring you the best material well-being.

Care of the amulet Money Amulet

Like any other talisman, cash coins require a careful treatment and care. To a magic talisman has not lost its strength, you must perform the following recommendations:

  • storing coins have in your wallet or any of the inner pockets of the garment;
  • amulet to be wrapped in a clean tissue, because the money hate dirt and love clean;
  • one should not give up if you have not noticed the effect of the talisman for some time – that talisman acted, we need to be patient and believe in the end result;
  • it is recommended to hide the amulet from prying eyes, since it should have an impact only on your luck;
  • coins may not be sold or lose – you have to pass them down to their children or grandchildren;
  • if you want to give money amulet as a gift, then you need to buy a new product, which had a different owner;
  • in any case, we should not forget about the magic talisman should regularly refer to it to recharge it with your energy.

If you will exercise faith in the power of the amulet Money Amuletthe effect of his actions you will see in the near future. But keep in mind that in addition to hope for the magic talisman, you need to show some desire and action to achieve success. So, if you want to get a good paying job, not to sit around at home and ask for amulet long-awaited holiday. You need to go on interviews and try to impress a future employer, a magic amulet will bring you luck, thanks to which you will be able to win the fight for varnish position to other applicants.